NatWest cuts residential and buy-to-let rates by up to 0.23%


Two-year residential products have seen the largest reductions.

From today, NatWest is making a range of rate reductions across both its new and existing customer product ranges.

In its new business range, selected two and five-year fixed rate deals will reduce by up to 23bps, with two-year products seeing the largest reductions.

Remortgage products will also reduce by up to 13bps, with high value purchase and remortgage rates also decreasing by up to 13bps.

Across the bank’s first-time buyer range, rates are reducing by up to 6bps, while shared equity rates will lower by up to 12bps and Help to Buy remortgage rates by up to 6bps.

For buy-to-let borrowers, selected purchase rates are reducing by up to 7bps and remortgage rates by up to 18bps across two and five-year deals.

Residential green purchase and remortgage rates are down by up to 8bps, while buy-to-let green products will reduce by up to 18bps, with remortgage products seeing the largest cuts.

In NatWest’s existing customer range, switcher rates will reduce by up to 8bps across two and five-year fixed rates.

Tanjima Haque

Tanjima is one of our Graduate Systems Support Coordinators at Town & Country Mortgage Services.

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